Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Carving with Angels

Carving with Angels is a delightful Christmas story. Yes, it’s about one of Santa’s elves. Elderly and blind, Papa Adam has given up on his great carving skill and life itself. All he can think about is his aches and pains and when dinner is coming—until a five-year-old Angel comes into his life.
Diane Tolley’s writing skill is superb. Especially cute is the conversation between Papa Adam and Dasher. She brings the reindeer to life with grunts, nudges and slobbery kisses which will enchant the entire family.
Papa Adam and his little Angel create a special surprise and save Christmas. But, more important than that they learn lessons about love, service, enduring to the end and the special gifts of forgotten handicapped elves. This charming book will delight young and old alike and will be a great addition to your Christmas collection.

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