Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Your Life Pattern

It is our choices, Harry, that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
- J.K. Rowling

Two friends, Heather and Lavender, walked out of dance class with the laces of their shoes tied together—shoes slung over their shoulders. 

"I have to practice," said Heather. "Want to spend some time tonight on those new steps?"
"I guess," said Lavender. "I've started a new game on face book, but it can wait."
"The recital is only a few weeks away," said Heather. "I want to be sure of the dance before then."
"We can get by without a lot of work," said Lavender. "After all, we're in the back row."
"I do it for fun," said Heather, "and I want to do my best."
How do you see yourself? Are you like Heather? or Lavender?
The short range goals of the dance recital won't matter in the long-range plans of the girls' lives, but the way they choose to pattern their lives will.

1.      Begins to accomplish her goals immediately.
2.      Doesn't procrastinate.
3.      Has a good attitude about work.
4.      Enjoys the task at hand.
5.      Wants to become the best she can be.

1.      Non committal about getting her work done.
2.      Doesn't care one way or another about her goals.
3.      She is casual about work and play.
4.      Wants to slide by with the least amount of effort possible.
5.      Will blend into the background if she can.

Look at your life pattern. Find the positives in the way you attack life. Look for areas you can improve. None of us are perfect. We can all do a little better.

First find the good in your actions. We are much more likely to succeed if we see our worth. We procrastinate when we are critical of ourselves, always punishing ourselves to do better.
1.      Find your good qualities.
2.      Take a minute to pat yourself on the back for your fine work.
3.      Choose one area where you can improve.
4.      Set a goal to change that pattern for the better.
5.      Evaluate your progress each week and focus on the positives.
6.      When you feel confident in that change, move on to another.
7.      Only tackle one goal to begin with. Real change comes slowly over time.

We are each the authors of our own lives. We live in what we have created. There is no way to shift the blame and no one else to accept the accolades. Barbara Taylor Bradford

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  1. Oh my I think I am more like Lavender. I like the thoughts on this one for myself. I hope your mission is going well. I have been on a blogging vacation but I couldn't resist reading a few and doing one myself.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs! Blessings too~