Monday, December 26, 2016

Less Is More

When I was young, I had a baby doll named Coralee that I loved.  She was my best friend. We discussed our problems, went on adventures together, and just hung out. Coralee helped me pick the peas in the garden and crack apricot nuts.

My friend Kate had lots of dolls. She invited Coralee and I to tea parties and picnics in the park. Coralee and I happily joined her crowd. Kate's bundle of dolls went everywhere she went. She tried to keep track of them all. But she would invariably forget one of them in the park to be rained on, or she would leave another in a store to be picked up by another child. There were too many to keep track of.

Coralee and I were best companions. Kate and her dolls were acquaintances. I didn’t want acquaintances. I wanted a best friend. I couldn’t love so many dolls.

Do you have too many things in your life?

Our society has a mentality of abundance. When we have too many  things, we develop a throw-away mentality like my friend. If she lost a doll, it was okay. She could always get another one.

That’s not for me. I like my few things, and I cherish them.

Connections: It's all about connection.

For me: Less is more.

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  1. Oh I did like your thoughts on this one. I agree on this one. I liked the doll photos and the analogy. I loved dolls growing up and I always just played with one and treasured those moments and memories. Hugs for you dear friend!