Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Create a Door

I once heard an MBA commencement address where the speaker advised the graduates: “If you come up against an impenetrable wall, create a door.”

Image by Morder
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that seem unsolvable. We can feel overwhelmed and trapped. But there are always solutions to problems if we have enough knowledge and can brainstorm answers.

Several years ago, a friend came to me in a panic one day. Her brother had recently passed away. My friend had been spending one day a week with his children, her nieces and nephew. Before his death, her brother had been through a nasty divorce. And now his ex-wife was making plans to leave the state and move across the country to be near her family. My friend was despondent because she wouldn’t see the children again.

We ate at a little side-walk café while she poured out her heart. We sat, soaking up the sunshine and just being with the sadness of the situation.

“Since you won’t be able to pick the children up on Thursdays, how could you keep in touch?” I asked.

“I can call and write letters, I guess,” she answered.

“The older ones have phones, and we can text.”

I smiled. She answered her own question.

Over the years, my friend has stayed in contact with her nieces and nephew. Electronics are better than ever now. They chat on Facebook and Instagram. The children are older now and can travel. They see their aunt often and enjoy visiting her.

*State your problem.
*Visualize the wall and create a door in it.
*Brainstorm solutions.
*Let the problem sit for a day (if possible).
*Decide the best resolution.
*Move forward with action.

We cannot regulate the wind, but we can trim our sails.


  1. Another excellent post! I always love your thoughts because we all come up against walls. I loved this one! Hugs~

  2. Excellent thoughts and advice! Loved it! ❤️