Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is the new buzzword traveling around our world today. It’s got me thinking:

Does one develop a Growth Mindset?
Is one born with a Growth Mindset?
Does it come from living through adversity?
Can it be developed from education?

What are your thoughts on this?

I think all the above can come into play. I’m working right now with a group of women dealing with addiction. Some of them think in a growth mindset pattern. It’s just their nature. Maybe they have developed it over the years as they lived through adversity. Maybe it came from their education.

We can’t answer all these questions, but the principle I do know is this:

People with Growth Mindset influence the world they live in.
People with Growth Mindset can bring good to the world with their positive influence.
People with Growth Mindset get things done.
People with Growth Mindset are, for the most part, successful.

Here are some books I have read this past week about people who made the world a better place:

Dave the Potter, Artist, Poet, Slave created artistic works that blessed the lives of many. Some are still around today.

Sojourner Truth preached at revivals, stood up for women’s rights, and freedom for African-Americans. She always found a way to solve the problems of her difficult life.

E.B. White gave us Charlotte’s Web. It took him years to get his manuscript just right, but he worked until he reached his goal.

Jan and Antonia Zabinski saved over three hundred Jews from Hitler’s destruction. Life was scary and bleak in Poland, but this couple persisted in bringing light to the world.

Growth Mindset is in all our lives. It surrounds all our goals, service, relationships—all we do.

Think of Growth-Mindset people who have impacted your life.

How will you encourage your own Growth Mindset today?

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  1. I like the term Growth Mindset. I don't think I have thought of that term before. I loved your thoughts on it. I do think that we learn and grow so much when we got through adversity and also in just our everyday life; if we are trying to move forward in someway.
    I liked the books and have read most of them. I really enjoyed the movie; The Zoo Keeper's Wife. I feel like I have know many people with a growth mindset; you for one. I really admire you and all that you have acoomplished and then fantastic books you have written. I am your fan.
    I have ancestors that diffiently had a growth mindset and I hope I do too.
    Thanks for the thoughts and I learned something new today.
    You are so inspiring! Love you much dear friend~