Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Disastrous events continue to plague our world, and finding peace in times of trauma can be an overwhelming challenge. Personal shock after a death or tragedy can devastate a family for generations to come. 
This book discusses:
  •  how tragedy physically changes the brain and the body
  • explains the healing techniques of mindfulness
  • outlines skills for recovery from trauma. 

Personal accounts of tragedy in the lives of people include:
  •  a 911 survivor
  • a mother whose son was mangled in a roadside bomb in Afghanistan
  • parents who had two children die of similar brain tumors
  • a young adult whose father committed suicide
  • a rape victim.
Endorsed by the Trauma Survivors Foundation

This is a great read to help each of us face the personal tragedies that come to all of us. Each chapter has a to-do list at the end to help set goals and outline techniques to aid us in finding peace in our lives--even with personal and world disasters that surround us daily.

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  1. Thanks for the review on this book. It looks like a good read. Having been a Hospice Nurse and dealing with a lot of grieving; I can tell that I would enjoy reading this one.
    I loved following your recent trip! Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way.
    Hope we can maybe get together this summer sometime.

    1. I thought I would add an extra thought. When I posted the one above I was using my I-pad and didn't realize you are the author of this marvelous book. I
      I am so happy you are writing and I know that had to be healing too.
      I will be reading this one.
      Thanks for your friendship! Love you much~