Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer is being with family

These next couple of weeks are crazy. We have a grandson that will be blessed in Phoenix, and daughter that may have back surgery in Portland, Oregon, and children and grandchildren coming to visit inbetween.

Aren't families wonderful? I LOVE spending time with all of them. They are the light of my life.

Remember, O Lord . . . thy church, that thy right hand may exalt them, with all their families, and their immediate connections, that their names may be perpetuated and had in everlasting remembrance from generation to generation. Remember all thy church, O Lord, with all their families, and all their immediate connections, with all their sick and afflicted ones, with all the poor and meek of the earth; that the kingdom, which thou hast set up without hands, may become a great mountain and fill the whole earth;
(Doctrine and Covenants | Section 109:71 - 72)

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