Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Retirement Quest by John Hauserman

Retirement Quest by John Hauserman, CFP
I really enjoyed reading John Hauserman’s Retirement Quest. The information is pertinent, insightful and easy to understand.
Many of the reviews of this book will be by younger people who need to plan for retirement. My husband and I are already retired, and this book was a good reminder that we have done well in preparing for the retirement we are now experiencing. We have a pension and social security, plus our 401K so we have adequate money to live on.
It is good to remember, though, that our children need to save because some of them won’t have pensions to rely on. I am planning to let them read this excellent assessment of the future so they’ll know what’s coming.
Hauserman is conservative in his planning. He says those who invest with the idea that ‘gambling mentality’ and ‘high-risk’ behavior will probably find loss in the long run. Steady day-to-day planning and investment with moderation in all our finances will bring the best results.
The author postulates that as all of us add to our 401K’s and IRA’s, we are inadvertently boosting the economy of the United States and putting our country in better financial status in our global society.
I personally think a Certified Financial Planner is a great initial investment for your retirement plan. Our planner has given us sound advice and helped us develop a savings system that works for us.
I would highly recommend this book to everyone interested in a comfortable, anxiety-free retirement.

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