Monday, February 27, 2012

A Woman's Power by Fay Klinger

This well-crafted book guides women to a more thoughtful, binding relationship with their Father in Heaven. Scriptural references and stories lead women of all ages toward a more spiritual sense of self. Through prayer and scripture study, a woman can gain knowledge, companionship of the Holy Spirit and confidence in their ability to make wise selection.
A frank discussion concerning cautions in relationships will lead readers to make enlightened choices in friendships and partnerships. Her personal examples lead those who read to know that she truly understands these principles.
The goal-setting chapter is particularly enlightening because it aids the reader in changing wants into goal-statements and daily actions as outlined with specific examples.
The author ends with sections on supporting one another and having patience, abolishing dysfunctional thoughts of ‘I want what I want;’ and ‘What I want should happen right now.’
In a very gospel-oriented way the author leads the reader to healthy thinking skills through scripture study, prayer, and daily actions that will give the reader to a greater spiritual and temporal life.
I recommend this book to all those interested in deeper self-understanding and a greater sense of spirituality.

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