Monday, November 5, 2012

Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero
            Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero by Matt Peterson is a fun read for kids. From passing the sacrament with his fly down to failing miserable at capture the flag, Andrew knows he’ll never be able to fulfill his duties as a deacon. But when tragedy strikes on his Boy Scout camping trip, Andrew’s whole troop must become stronger than they ever imagined. This hilarious coming-of-age story is bound to have you rooting for a misfit hero!
            Matt Peterson has hit a home run with this fun adventure. It’s sure to please the entire family—most especially those boys who are about to become deacons. The story rings true right town to the spilled cheerios on the carpet during Sacrament meeting.
            Andrew must reach down deep inside himself, with the help of angels, and find his inner strength. He comes through like a true hero. This is a great five-star read! Enjoy!

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