Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sacred Space

I love walking in the woods near our cabin in Idaho. There's a fairly steep hill to climb to reach the forest, so I'm breathing heavily when I get there.

 The tall lodge pole pines wave their spindly heads in the breeze far above me. I know they are whispering blessings from heaven.

 I walk through the soft mountain grass and enjoy the profusion of yellow daisies and mountain violets growing amidst the green.

An errant Jay flits from tree to tree, chased by a chattering squirrel. The fresh pine scent fills the air. Silence sifts among the forest sounds. I look for huckle berries on the north slope as I walk. I pluck the savory fruit here and there, and enjoy the sweetness in my mouth. Small white butterflies flit from bush to bush. I am at peace.
I have been there so often, I can go there in my mind any time I want. During busy days I take a break to spend a few minutes there. I love the forest. It's a place for me to center myself and let go of the hurry of life.

Escape from the tensions of the day.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. Joseph Campbell

Create your own sacred space.
1.         Choose some place you love to be.
2.         Picture your surroundings in your mind.
3.         Feel the breeze. Is it sunny or cloudy?
4.         Listen for the sounds.
5.         Smell the air around you. Are there other smells?
6.         Touch the earth beneath your feet. Feel your environment.
7.         Experience the tastes around you.

The more you place yourself in your location, the greater the relaxation you'll experience.

Do you have a sacred space? Let it fill you with light. Let it center you.

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