Monday, October 21, 2013

What's Coming Up Next

This post is part of a blog tour, and I've been asked to share what I'm working on.

My goal in writing is to make a difference in the world. I love the concept of adding light and goodness to life. That is my driving force--long term and short term.

I'm just beginning to edit a book I've written on Family Councils. I'm excited about this work because there is really nothing out there to help parents and family work together to communicate in a more timely manner. Many factors make parenting harder now than ever before. Single moms and dads have a difficult task ahead of them, rearing children alone. Communication is vital if things are to run smoothly. In many two-parent families, both mom and dad are working, making it hard to come home to parent after a long day out of the home. Sometimes kids are just baffling. I share secrets of how to see what's going on in their heads.

I address all these issues in my new book to be out in 2014. Here is a possible book cover.

I love writing self help books. It's wonderful to receive notes from readers saying that my books have made a difference in their lives.

I try to write every morning. I'm an early-in-the-day person. By night my brain is fried.

Here are the covers of my two new books just out.

Love, Hugs and Hope is a book to help children and parents through difficult times in a child's life. It is designed to show kids how to release their feelings and reframe problems in a positive way in their lives.

Becoming Free is a guide to help all of us become the best we can be. It begins with goal setting chapters--both long and short term goals. The next section looks at mistaken childhood beliefs that plague us all at times. Then comes communication skills, and finally I discuss all the theraputic techniques I used my my counseling practice to aid us in positive thinking and peaceful living.

Next Monday look for a peek into Margot Hovley's new novel to be published by Covenant, and Chris Miller's latest work. I love their writing and highly recommend their books.

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  1. I loved both of your books. I am giving Love, Hugs and Hope to my grandchildren for Christmas. I am going to give the Becoming Free book to some family members too. Also, one of my blogging friends just bought three of Becoming Free for some of her family members. I loved that!
    Blessings and hugs!