Sunday, June 1, 2014

Prosperity: Vision

I am not what happened to me.
I am what I choose to become. Carl Jung

My husband and I are working with local members of our church in the Memphis, TN, projects. Everyone we've met is warm and friendly—always open to receive us. I feel very blessed to have the people of this culture welcome us into their fold for a few months. I've learned a lot about love from them.

Some in the community we are working with will leave these projects, get themselves off SSI, and begin to live their dream of becoming part of main stream America. Others are content to stay where they are and enjoy the life they have.

One young girl is unmarried, age 24, and has four children. She had a happy childhood with her grandmother; and then, because of family tragedy, ended up on the streets alone during her teen years. She is trying to put her life back together.

She spent Sunday afternoon at a family barbeque and left her purse on the couch while she ate. Someone stole the twenty dollars she had for gas. With no family support, she looks to those of her faith to help her.

She has begun to clean an office building. She is tired at night, but happy for the job and is looking toward the next step.We are helping her expand her vision and see what she can accomplish as she sets her course.

Carl Jung
Education is the next step she has chosen in enlarging her vision. She already has her high school diploma, so college is on the horizon. She wants to study business.

We hold class once a week with the members of our group. To expand their vision, we try to find people who have walked the path these people are on.

One sweet lady who lived in the projects began as a cleaning lady. She attended a two-year business school and now has a responsible job in the Fed Ex Corporation. She has a beautiful home in a lovely Memphis neighborhood.

Another young mother has completed the schooling for her LPN and works at an extended care facility.

A medical assistant just moved to Memphis with her two children. She was able to find a comparable job to the one she left. She came here because she was accepted in nursing school.

Helen Keller

How do all of us attain the prosperity we seek?

1.         Look into your heart and clarify your vision.
2.         Set long term goals. Write them.
3.         Set short term goals. Write them.
4.         Set daily goals. Write them.

5.         Find others who have walked the path. They will help us keep our vision strong.

We become what we think.

*Visualize yourself completing your goals.

*Prioritize your time so you complete your daily goals.

*Work, play, and enjoy life!

*You're on your way—headed down the path to your vision of prosperity.

Slowly, step by step, those who are willing can create the reality of their vision. What an blessing for us to watch the change and growth. Nothing is more exciting than watching people become their best.
We become what we think. 

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  1. I think this is one of my favorite posts because I can identify with all you are doing on your mission. When you get home we will need to have a long visit about our missions they truly are a lot a like. You are doing a great work and I can see you are having great success.
    Blessings, love and hugs for all you are doing! We hope to serve a mission again soon.