Saturday, July 26, 2014


Is your self worth based only in your productivity? What if you're not a go-getter?

Are there other things that matter, like being aware of what's happening around you?

Should we wonder, ask question and think about different ways to relate to life and those around us?
Do other things matter besides productivity?

To make things happen, changes life.

The club soft ball team was about to be disbanded. Everyone associated with the girls and the squad felt a sense of loss. Ten years earlier this team had nurtured girls that went on to become NCAA Championship team members.
But now this was a team where each girl was out for her own glory. Helping a team member was out of the question. Organization wasn't part of anyone's agenda, and team spirit was unheard of in this group.
Angela gathered the players for the soft ball game into her van. She handed each one a bottle of power-aide as she picked them up. They all needed an extra boost of energy for the afternoon's competition. She drove to the ball field and everyone piled out of the van."Take your bats with you," she urged. "Let's work together and make things happen." 

Her husband gave her a hug. "Hey, Coach, because you're a go-getter, you've really helped this team work together."

To watch things happen and talk about it changes people.

Betty sat in the stands, during the game. She noticed her daughter, Stacey, and friend, Megan, laughing with each other. That's great! she thought. They were fighting yesterday. She was glad she had talked with Stacey about the importance of friendship. She knew Stacey had worked things out with Megan. They had been friends for so long, it was too bad to let a petty jealousy over the batting lineup come between them.

To wonder what happened and talk about it can change the world.

Connie sat in her car, marveling over the transformation that had taken place with the team. The cloud of disorganization had faded from the group. They seemed more focused and determined to work together and play their best, She was glad she had asked Angela a few searching questions about cooperation and competition a couple of weeks ago after practice.

Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. Some people wonder what happened.

I've seen this quote used to emphasize that you only make a difference in the world by being productive. I would argue this point. 

Many people watch things happen and share insights and love with others that make a great difference in the world.

Those who wonder what happened usually have a big-picture view of life that can change the world if those of us who are productive will stop our business long enough to listen.

What kind of person are you?

Where are your values in life?

Do we need to compare so that someone always comes up short?

Can we create a synergy by working with others to help us all become our best. Let's cheer each other on and enjoy our differences?

Add your light to the world by making things happen, watching things happen, and wondering what has happened? 

Find your own way. After all, your way is the very best for you!


  1. Christy, you are just amazing. I really enjoyed reading this post and learned from it. I am going to do some pondering and figure out where I fit in this picture. I am so happy you are writing these kinds of posts. There are so many that can use these thoughts.
    Blessings, prayers and hugs for you!

  2. Thank you for a very thought provoking post. I think I'm all of these things at one point or another. Loved the inspiration today!

  3. Somedays I'm one, and other days I sit back and observe.

  4. Thank you! A particularly apropos post for me today.