Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making a Difference in the World

Each morning the first thing I do when I arise is ask God to help me make a difference in someone's life for the day. Because I have made this commitment to myself, I'm always looking for things I can do for others.

·         Complement those you come in contact with.
·         Tell the presenter or your teacher or your boss you enjoyed their presentation.
·         Read or play a game with a child.
·         Listen to a friend.
·         Put a positive message on your social media.
·         Help in your community. Tell the grocer you like the display. Thank the pharmacist for quick service.

Create a list that works for you. Most of these things take less than five minutes, and unexpected benefit of this come back to you an hundred fold.

·         If I smile at someone they smile back, making my day happier.

·         When I give a complement, seeing the delight on the person's face gives me joy.
·         I smile at the thank you that comes when I tell someone 'good job.'
·         Spending time with a child fills my soul with love. There is nothing more rewarding than adding light to a child's life.

·         When I listen to a friend, my life is enriched as I see their strength in struggling through difficulty.
·         My positive social media messages bring retweets on twitter and views to my blog. Maybe someone has connected with my words.
In short, the benefit of the positive energy I give to the world enriches my life a lot more than it does others. It's a great way to live.
What happens when I fall off the wagon and get upset? I:
·         Take a deep breath.
·         Tell myself it's okay.
·         Look at the positive energy I've put into my life that wouldn't otherwise be there.
·         Give myself an attitude adjustment.
·         Smile and start over.

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  1. Oh my dear friend, I loved this one so much. I am going to try working on these thoughts in my own life. You are so awesome.
    We just went through a harrowing experience this last week and received many tender mercies and people who blessed our lives. Hope all is well with you both.
    Blessings for this one; I loved it.