Monday, January 5, 2015

Twisted New Year's Resolutions

Many of us set goals at the beginning of the year, only to forget them before the month of January is gone. Most of our goals center around bettering ourselves. We want to lose some weight, read more books, cook healthier foods, grow our business, etc. 

Would we be more consistent in keeping goals if they were centered on relationships? What would happen if we twisted our goals so that we focused on others and not ourselves?
The joy that comes from being with others could motivate us to persist in keeping our goals. And when we find happiness in others, we make ourselves better.

Twisted Goals:
*To lose weight, find a friend to walk with several times a week, or take a partner to the gym during your lunch hour.
*To read more books, start a neighborhood book club. Ask people to join who would like more interaction with others—like your workaholic neighbor or a shut-in who is lonely.
*To cook healthier foods, make a new dish to share with an unsuspecting friend.
*To grow your business, focus on the helping aspect of your service and work to enrich the lives of others.

Why will this method work? Each goal includes a relationship. We are much more likely to succeed if we involve others in our actions. We benefit and so do our friends.

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  1. Oh this was just perfect for me today. I have been wondering about goals for the year and this is such an awesome idea. I am going to follow this one. Thanks dear friend for sharing this one and blessings for you.