Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sharing Light with Others

 One afternoon, while at lunch with friends, the discussion turned to the characteristics of those who add sunlight to the world. I listened, thinking of family and friends who have endeared themselves to me with their light.

They look for good in others.
Positive people don’t judge others. They don’t go in for fault-finding. They consistently look for the good in their friends, acquaintances, and others around them. I personally like this because I know these people are optimistic about others so they’ll find the good in me. These people feel ‘safe’ to talk to.

They find the positive in their own lives.
These friends are willing to share what’s happening in their lives—and in doing so, portray their hopeful outlook, giving me pause to find the good in my life. We can all use a positive reframe about troubles in our lives when life gets us down.

They listen to understand.
People with light don’t push themselves forward. They are interested in others and focus on what’s going on with the person they’re engaged with. In other words, they listen. They can talk about themselves, but don’t make an issue of spilling all their problems at the beginning of a conversation.

They are dependable.
Amiable people can be counted on to help if there are problems. They find solutions where others are unable to see a way out. Dependable people are usually consistent in their behaviors as well as their actions. They aren’t really moody, and won’t ‘fly off the handle’ at the drop of a hat.’ You know they will be even tempered.

They give service.
People with light are always willing to give service because of the joy it brings to life. They work hard, and add a positive attitude with their presence.

 How do you stack up to this unscientific list per my lunch group? What would you add to their list?

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  1. Oh, how I enjoy your writings. I really liked the list and I think you covered it well. You have been a light in my life. You have taught me so much when we have had moments together. I love your books. The self help ones have been so valuable to me. It has helped me with some family and mission struggles. So graterful to have you for a friend and you continue to inspire me. Hugs!