Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Heritage

I belong to a group of pioneer women who meet every month to share ancestor histories and discuss daily pioneer life.I love being with these women because we enjoy a common heritage. Even though we aren’t related, we came from the same roots.

As we connect with our ancestors and learn of their trials and struggles and painfully sad experiences, I grieve with those who have gone before. It helps me put my life in perspective.

When I throw a load of clothes in the washing machine, I think of the pioneers boiling their clothes and then scrubbing off the difficult stains on a corrugated tin wash board. I know my life isn’t that difficult.

I listen to the triumphs of by-gone years, and know that if they could succeed, I can also. I gain strength from their stories to become better than I am. A sense of synergy comes into my life as I reconnect with them and
I am more . . .

and greater . . .

and stronger . . .

because of them.

Connect with your past. Find gratitude in your heart for them. Grow beyond yourself because of them. Let them bless your life.


  1. I haven't been able to attend the DUP meetings here since our mission and I miss that a lot. I connected with my ancestors stories several years a go and I have a mantra of; if my Grandma and Great Grandma can do hard things then I can too. I love our pioneer heritage and it is a strength to me. I really think it is important to share these stories with our grandchildren to strengthen them too. Love and hugs for this awesome post!

  2. I draw strength from those who have gone before me. Thank you for expressing these thoughts so well. I appreciate your example. Excellent post! :)