Friday, April 26, 2019

Prospector and the Widow

My dear friend Carolyn Frank has a new book out. The Prospector and the Widow.

It is no secret that infamous gold miner, Cass Hite hates the Mormons. When he nearly dies while passing through a remote Mormon settlement, the kind-hearted widow, Sarah Hansen takes him in and nurses him back to health. She has the room and the time to take care of this prospector that everyone else in town shuns. She’s known loneliness since a young age, when her parents died and she became the third wife of a polygamist. And again when her husband died and her two children moved away. She doesn’t expect that Cass will be sweet and kind to her, or soothe her loneliness. Yet he does, and for the first time ever, Sarah is falling in love. As wonderful as it would be to marry him, she doesn’t want to live the life of a prospector’s wife in the rough, all-male town of Hite. Will she ever find a place to fit in? More importantly, will she ever be able to forgive herself for the decisions she makes?

Loosely based on true events, The Prospector and the Widow is a story of love and compassion, forgiveness and redemption; a story that makes one wonder how their love for
each other can possibly survive.

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  1. Thanks my friend, for another fantastic review on a book that looks like a great read. I need a good novel to read.
    blessings and hugs for you dear one!