Sunday, October 28, 2012

Open Fire J. Golden Kimball Takes on the South is a debut novel by Scott M. Hurst. In this fast paced story filled with holy high jinks and missionary mayhem, J. Golden Kimball squares off with his characteristic cowboy sense of humor against everything from spiteful preachers to the threat of death at the hands of the terrible Ku Klux Klan. Join Golden as he takes on the South in these unbelievable but true stories.
The author has captured the spirit, humor, and voice of this colorful character in Mormon history. This fast-paced missionary tale is full of suspense, wit and wisdom that will keep the whole family laughing. Everyone will identify with J. Golden’s humility and lack of pride. At times he surprises himself with his ability to solve a problem that he thinks is unsolvable. As a reader, that’s something we all wish for ourselves.
Hats off to the author! This is a great read!


  1. I will have to get that book for my husband. We always enjoyed stories of J. Golden Kimball. He was indeed a colorful character.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and blessings to you!

    1. I know. One reason I did the review was to get the book for my husband. He enjoys the history. It was a good book. And the author portrayed J. Golden in a way we can all relate to. At least I think he did.