Saturday, February 14, 2015

Give Your Kids the Gift of Love

February is the month of Love. Valentine's Day can last all month if we let it. Love in the family can be the greatest. Joy comes as we watch our children grow and develop. 

Let's look at our family and refocus our lives to set goals to help our family become a little better than we are now—to become our very best.

1.                  As parents, plan what you want to teach your children.
2.                  Set a goal to help each of them become their best.
3.                  Plan activities to accomplish your objectives
4.                  Hold family meetings to create an atmosphere of open communication.
5.                  Highlight the good in your children at these family meetings.

Here are some fun ideas that will help your kids know they are awesome.

1.         Create a "Guess Who" game for your family night. Post clues around the house during the week to keep everyone excited. Give little known facts about the person—good things they have done and service they have rendered. At the end of the week at your family meeting, share the things everyone knows about the person being highlighted. Fix their favorite dessert and play a game of their choice. Plant a tree or some flowers in honor of this family member. Have several "Guess Who" nights until you have highlighted everyone and have a garden that includes the entire family—even the family pets if you wish.

2.         Hold a "Secret Pal" activity for the week. Put everyone's name in a hat and draw names.

Each person must keep the name they draw a secret and do special things for them. During the week they can:
            Make little surprises
            Perform an act of service
            Do one of their family chores
            Be extra nice to them
            Anything they choose

At the end of the week hold a family party, give your Secret Pal a small gift, and play some games. It's also fun to ask each family member what they learned during the week and what their favorite part of the activity was.
3.         Give a family night lesson on service to others. Plan a "Caught You Being Good" activity for the week.

 Make up your own rules. For instance, everyone can put a post-it note in a jar when they see someone doing a kindness of another family member. At the end of the week hold an activity of your choice. Talk about what service means to each person and what they learned during the week.

Create your own games and learning activities. Choose what is best for your family. 

There are more ideas in Family Talk, How to Organize Family Meeting to Solve Problems and Strengthen Relationships by Christy Monson.
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