Friday, January 8, 2016


 At  this time of new beginnings in the New Year, I like to reflect back on the light of the past year. Have I added light to the world? Have I enjoyed the light of those around me?

I have a dear friend who suffers from depression. Inside she may be sad, but she always has a smile for those around her. I tell her that her smile cheers me. She says it is her way of adding light to the world. 

How beautiful would be the world if we all added a joyful smile to the world each day.
* Reflect someone's goodness by a warm embrace.
* Return someone's love.

I make a conscious effort to add light to the world each day.
*Give a friend a compliment.
* Share a positive message with someone who's feeling down.

Many times New Year's Resolutions are forgotten a few days after they are made. Put a memory jogger on your phone or calendar to remind yourself to keep this goal. It will add light to the world and light up your life.

Light is contagious. Spread it around.