Friday, August 26, 2016

Judgmental? Critical of Others?

Judgmental? Critical of Others?

Often our thinking and speaking patterns are habitual.

Are you used to criticizing others? Do you look at someone you meet for the first time and find fault with what they are wearing? Their speech? Their actions?

Some reasons we are critical:
1.     Competition is the name of our game. We are only good if we are better than others so we put others down in order to make ourselves feel good.
2.     It’s just a habit we learned as kids, and we continue to think that way.
3.     Being opinionated is a family pattern.
4.     We are caught up in black and white—right and wrong--thinking.
5.     We believe everyone around us should think and be exactly like we do.

Ways to change our thinking patterns:
1.     Practice cooperating with others rather than competing with them. When we cooperate, everyone wins.
2.     Change our habits. When a critical thought comes into my head, I picture a STOP sign and find a positive thought.
3.     Let’s keep our family opinions, but accentuate the positive ones.
4.     There are many shades of gray in people. Get rid of the black and white. If we listen and learn about the people around us, I guarantee we’ll find something good.
5.     The world would be very dull if we all thought alike. Enjoy the differences around you. Celebrate them, and others will celebrate you.

If you are someone who always finds the good in people, you will probably continue to do so. Positive energy flows through you, keeping you peaceful and upbeat.

Where are you on the judgmental thinking scale?