Sunday, July 15, 2018

Protection? or Prison?

I love the beauty of this little moth, but I must take a minute to think of  the changes it has gone through to bless the earth.

When hiking in the Tetons one afternoon, I watched a delicate blue moth, with hundreds of it's friends flit near a stream of water.

“I would like to be as carefree as you,” I said.
“I haven’t always been this way,” replied Blue. 
“It must have taken great energy for you to create the fragile, but durable chrysalis protection you lived in for a time in your early life.”
“The slumber was delicious,” said Blue, “and a much deserved rest after the energy it took to harbor myself.”
 “But, in the end, it must have been a struggle to break free of the protection you created for yourself,” I said.
“It had become a prison,” said Blue. “The twisting, and pressing to get free was a lot of work?
“You must feel very tired,” I suggested.
“Oh, but look what we’ve become,” said Blue. “The first time I took flight. Such a feeling of exhilaration!”
“What a sense of freedom,” I said.
“But I wouldn’t have appreciated it if I hadn’t known confinement first,” said Blue.
Tiny little Blue danced away. As I watched, I reflected on the parallel between Blue’s life and mine. How many times have I created a protection to shield me from harm—my shyness, my inability to listen to others, my self-centeredness, my lack of empathy. 
As I matured, my protection became a prison. I pushed against my protection, broke free,
and developed wings to fly. Now I enjoy the freedom I have found. Sometimes I slip back into my chrysalis, but I find my wings again rather quickly. Fly with me. Find your wings and come along. The journey is spectacular.

What protection have you created? Has it become a prison? Let go and enjoy the journey.