Thursday, May 2, 2019

Finding Peace in Times of Tragedy

Finding Peace in Times of Tragedy is finally out. I enjoyed writing this book so very much because, in essence, it’s the story of my life.
When I was six, my father died in a car accident at the hands of an angry teenager who ran a stop sign. My dad was my best friend, and I loved watching out the window for his car to pull in the driveway each evening. Every night he snuggled me into bed and read stories until I fell asleep.
The night after the accident I still watched out the window for his car lights. I didn’t understand. My grandfather tucked me into bed and turned out the light, but a desperate lonely feeling engulfed me. Tragedy had struck my life. How was I to deal with it?
We all have the capacity to heal. With the help of our higher power, caring family, and internal insight our wounds become less.
The scars tragedy leaves are badges of wisdom. They propel us toward peace and joy.
This book is not only my story, but the story of others who experienced devastating life changes. It is our path toward healing and strength. It is the understanding we garnered along the way. All of us have known trials. Join us and follow the path to wellbeing.
Other stories include:
·       A 911 survivor
·       A mother whose son was mangled in a roadside bomb in Afghanistan
·       Parents who had two children die of similar brain tumors
·       A young adult whose father committed suicide
·       A rape survivor
Praise for the book:
"As a therapist who specializes in helping children through trauma, I've found this book a powerful new tool in helping my clients heal." Nefily Ledezma, LMFT
"Learning about how trauma impacts your body and mind and how to release it, as taught in Finding Peace in Times of Tragedy, is a prescription for freedom and happiness as you move forward in life." David Clark, MA, MFT, Mountain Interval
"This powerful book explores one of the most crucial topics in our society. Finding Peace in Times of Tragedy is a moving and compassionate portrayal of what people and communities are searching for in a world filled with chaos, tragedy, and uncertainty. Anyone who is looking for answers to almost seemingly unanswerable questions should read this." Dennis J. Carradin Jr. LPCMH, NCC, BCETS, Founder and CEO, The Trauma Survivors Foundation
Links to buy the book
If you purchase the book from The Trauma Survivors Foundation, the profits will go to the foundation as a donation.