Friday, November 9, 2018

Stop "It's not fair" Thinking

A young girl has just recovered from cancer. She was depressed and suicidal during her ordeal. She has found new hope and new life. What was her recovery process?

We all have negative thinking from time to time--and often for very good reason as this young girl did. "It's not fair," slipped from her lips many times a day. Here are some of the ways she pulled herself out of her "stinking thinking."
  • She said, "Stop it!" to herself.
  • She visualized a stop sign in her head.
  • She gave thanks for her life.
  • She wrote a gratitude thought in her journal to replace her negative thinking.
We all have difficult situations to deal with in life. We can all say, “It’s not fair.”
We grow from our trials. This young girl is much wiser, more empathetic, and loving that she was before.
She appreciates life like she never did before.
Find the good in all you do. It’s here—even if it seems hidden.

Before you go to bed every night find three good things about your day.

Thinking is a habit. Make it a positive one.