Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sadness vs. Happiness

The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. Carl Jung

I found this quote one day and it stopped me short. I love to be happy, and I never want the sad times. Maybe I want only half the picture. Maybe I need to experience the sad times in order to enjoy the happy times.

I have a friend who had a daughter die in infancy. Her adult son just passed away, and yet she can find the positive in her situation.

“I am lonely for both my children, but I have the hope of being with them again in the next life.”

“I am very sad—devastated, of course. I have moments where I completely lose it and have to take to my bed for a few hours. But I have my precious memories to keep me going, and they seem to out weigh the sadness."

Sometimes our thoughts run ‘a muck.’ My thinking can put me in a funk that can cause me to isolate and sink into a cloud of depression.

How do I get out? Can I be as strong as my friend?

1.   Get enough sleep.
          In order to find happiness, I can’t get over tired. 
2.   Eat healthy foods.
Everyone has their own wisdom of the body. Use your wisdom to keep yourself feeling well.
3.   Exercise.
Physical activity drives my life. If I want to feel good, I need to exercise. I sleep better at night. I have more energy if I work out. My life is just all around better.
4.   Do something peaceful.
Many different things bring me peace. Music, reading, watching the sunset, sitting by a camp fire, watching the snow sift out of the sky. I love the time-out concept. It’s all for the best when I just let myself float for a little while.
5.   Brain storm the positive things in life.
I periodically make myself a list of the good things in my world. I have to change it fairly often because my circumstances change. I love counting my blessings. They seem to multiply when I do.
6.   Think positively.
          With my brain storming list, I can create mantras.

My life is good. What about yours?