Saturday, June 11, 2016

Engaging People

One night when I sat at dinner with a group of friends, the discussion turned to the characteristics of likeable people. I listened, evaluating myself to see how many of their criteria I could see myself meeting.

Likeable people don’t push themselves forward. They are interested in others and focus on what’s going on with the person they’re engaged with. In other words, they listen. They can talk about themselves, but don’t make an issue of spilling all their problems at the beginning of a conversation.

Amiable people can be counted on to help out if there are problems. Dependable people are usually consistent in their behaviors as well as their actions. They aren’t really moody, and won’t ‘fly off the handle’ at the drop of a hat.’ You know they will be even tempered.

Engaging people don’t judge others. They don’t go in for fault-finding. They consistently look for the positives in their friends and acquaintances, and others around them. I personally like this characteristic because I know these people are positive about others so they’ll also be positive about me. These people feel ‘safe’ to talk to.

Open people are willing to share what’s happening in their lives. This gives them a genuineness that I can relate to. If others don’t share with me, then I’m suspect to share with them. I wonder what they are hiding.

Work and Play
It’s always great to find a happy mix of work and play in life. Engaging people can connect with others through work and play.

How do you stack up to this unscientific list according to my dinner group? What would you add to their list?