Friday, November 20, 2015

Banished by Christy Monson

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Dre has waited twelve summers to become a man, but during his ceremony the chief banishes his uncle, his mother, and even Dre himself. Thrust into the desert, he struggles to protect himself and his mother from his drug-addicted uncle—and certain death in the barren land.
With only a golden eagle to guide him, Dre struggles to find a source of food and water. Abuse from his uncle and trouble with a neighboring clan could destroy his chance for survival and keep him from finding his place in the world.  Dre must learn what real manhood is if he hopes to survive in the harsh environment.

Praise for Banished
"Monson well deserves the title of storyteller, for she has truly captured the music echoing
from Hopi tradition and culture." Marilyn Brown Award

Utah Valley University Marilyn Brown Award, 1st Place Winner

Utah Arts Council, 2nd Place Winner

"Beautifully written. This book is full of adventure, danger, and self-discovery, with details of Native American life that really bring this story alive. A perfect choice for a young boy reader, but girls will love it too."   Margot

"The story weaves facts, traditions and beliefs of Native American cultures into a story that is applicable and interesting for kids (and adults). I read the story out loud to my boys (8 and 11) so we could experience the book together. They wanted to keep reading, chapter after chapter and if it had been up to them, we would have finished the book much faster. They could relate to Dre, his experiences, and his desire to protect his mother and honor his late father." Jodi

"A must read for any young man facing the challenges of growing up, finding his path and being true to himself. Although the main characters are boys, girls will enjoy the beauty of the story that addresses Hopi traditions and culture. Determined to to survive on his own so he can care for his mother and unborn brother, Dre faces threats that are both real and life threatening." Robyn

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sliding in the Snow by Melissa Dymock

 Grab your gloves and snow boots, it’s time for an adventure in a frozen wonderland—right in your own backyard! Here are fun twists on classic winter pastimes, like sledding and making snowmen. Learn how to design your own backyard winter Olympics.

Things to make and do include: • Saving a Snowflake Forever • Wacky Snow Creations • Making Your Own Snowshoes • Making a Snowball Launcher • Sidewalk Curling • Skijoring • And more!

 This is a delightful book full of great ideas for winter fun. You can capture and keep a snowflake, make ice spikes, ice ribbons, and other great ideas. The book outlines fun games, like snow mazes, snow launchers, wacky snow creations, and many more. All sorts of winter Olympic games are explained with instructions for making your own equipment. The final chapter rounds out the snow experience with children's recipes, including snow candy and snow ice cream.
This is a must-have book for winter fun. Children in cold country everywhere will enjoy the ideas in this book. My grandchildren will have lots of fun trying these ideas.
Thanks to Sliding in the Snow we can all think outside the winter-fun box.